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Logitech MX Master wireless mouse works with both Windows and Mac

After spending several years in designing its new flagship peripheral, Logitech has come up with an ambitious wireless mouse - the Logitech MX Master - that works equally well with Windows and Mac.

Logitech's MX Master comes with a slick scroll wheel along with some fancy friction.

Things like switching between pictures in a gallery are easy on a trackpad, but quite tough to be replicated on a mouse.

Logitech, however, claims that it has resolved such issues by adding the mouse with what it calls a "gesture button" that is placed under the right thumb of the user.

When the user will click that he will get a Mission Control view of all the open windows in OS X. After that the user needs to hold it and can drag down for App Expose, or right and left to swap between desktops.

The mouse also comes with a side wheel that can replicate a two-finger swipe. Behind it there are small back/forward buttons.

The ambitious mouse can be setup easily; however there is ample customization available.

The company claims that the mouse can be put to use for forty hours from the non-accessible battery, having a row of three green LEDs along the side displaying the charge status.

The mouse has sensor, which is one of Logitech's so-called Darkfield lasers. With this feature there are no issues in using the mouse on glass or other reflective surfaces and there is no LED glow.

The ambitious mouse of Logitech is expected to be available in stores in the first week of April.