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Leaked iPhone 8 images offer big clue about upcoming smartphone's features and screen

An Apple accessory manufacturer seems to have confirmed one of the most persistent rumors about the iPhone 8. Images of a new screen protector published over the weekend suggest the iPhone will basically be a whopping great bit of glass with no button.

The leaked iPhone 8 image was published by Slashleaks and appears to show a screen protector with no hole in the bottom.

If the image turns out to be genuine, it would suggest the ?home button? has been entirely done away with.

Earlier rumors suggested it had been moved around the back, meaning owners would have to touch the bottom of their phone to scan their fingerprint and open it up.

Now most Apple watchers are of the view that a version of the home button will be hidden beneath the glass of its main screen.

BGR suggested the accessory images indicate that the phone will have an "infinity display" with a tiny bezel, the name for the bit of plastic that frames the screen.

The protector also appears to have small holes indicating that a number of cameras which would be used for selfies and potentially even facial recognition.

This could mean that payments are processed just by scanning an image of your face ? or indicate that the iPhone 8 can be unlocked simply by looking at it.