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Kota witnesses 30th student suicide; administration worried

Kota witnesses 30th student suicide; administration worried - A 14-year-old boy committed suicide on Sunday, sending a jolt to the educational hub of Kota in Rajasthan. With this, 30 students have killed themselves in the city this year.

Bhanu Kumar, who was found dangling from a fan in his hostel room, is the youngest student registered with a coaching institute here to have committed suicide in the last three years.

Kumar, a resident of Saharsa district in Bihar, arrived in Kota when he was just 13 to develop better understanding in physics and mathematics. Unlike other suicides, Kumar was under no pressure as he had two-and-a-half-year gap to appear for a competitive exam.

Details accessed from his institute tell that Kumar was irregular at the coaching classes, having attended just five classes since August this year. Investigation revealed that Kumar resided alone in a rented accommodation and his batch mates hardly remember him. Even during the winter vacation and Diwali break Kumar was in Kota.

ML Agrawal, a senior clinical psychologist who has been giving counselling to coaching students from past one decade said, "His absenteeism was a sign of his depression which was overlooked. Students at such tender age often suffer from 'separation anxiety'. Stress factor cannot be ruled out as he must be under constant pressure to perform in school and at coaching classes."