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Kolkata hit-and-run: Accused Sambia Sohrab confesses to driving the Audi

Kolkata: The main suspect in Red Road hit and run case, Sambia Sohrab, has admitted that he was driving the Audi car, which killed an IAF officer during a Republic Day parade rehearsal on January 13.

According to Kolkata Police, Sambia Sohrab, who is the son of state Trinamool Congress member Mohammed Sohrab, confessed during a lengthy interrogation that he was behind the wheels of the white color Audi that killed IAF officer Abhimanyu Gaud.

KP investigators have also detained Johnnie and Sonu , both friends of Sambia Sohrab.

During inquiry it was discovered that on the night before the accident, Sambia, Sonu, Johnnie and Sambia's elder brother Ambia along with others had attended a party at Doighat in the Port area of Kolkata.

According to the IPS, "Sambia has also admitted that he was drunk while driving the Audi on January 13 morning." The officer also said that Sambia had confessed that he was all alone in the brand new car while Sonu and Johnnie were in another car.

Kolkata Police have seized a Skoda car, which the two suspects said they were driving.

According to a top source in Kolkata Police, the TMC member Mohammed Sohrab and Ambia were trying to cross the border in order to go to Bangladesh. A city court has now issued an arrest warrant against Mohammed Sohrab.