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Kirti Azad calls Arun Jaitley 'inefficient', seeks his resignation

Suspended BJP leader and MP Kirti Azad has never shied away from speaking his mind and this time he has trained his guns at Arun Jaitley. On Sunday, he called the Finance Minister an "inefficient" person and sought his resignation holding him responsible for the hardships faced by the common man post-demonetisation.

"It is Arun Jaitley who is bringing disrepute to the government... It is he who is responsbile for the hardships faced by the common people post-demonetisation. The Finance Minister is an inefficient person and is also not an economist. He should resign," he said while speaking to reporters.

"Our Prime Minister has taken a decision (of demonetising high value notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000) and banks are indulged in converting crores of black money into white. In whose jurisdiction these banks come? These bank come under the ambit of the Finance Ministry," Azad said.

The former cricketer was suspended by party chief Amit Shah on 23 December last year for publicly targeting the Finance Minister for "irregularities" in DDCA, of which Jaitley was the President for 13 years till 2013.

Azad had also criticised Jaitley two months back saying that those "rejected" by the electorate have not only been made ministers but have become "all in all" in the government and the party.

Azad slammed the government, saying it would have made sufficient arrangements and preparations to deal with the situation post-demonetisation "had its intentions been clear".

"The government's policymakers do not have practical knowledge. Their all assessments are based on far from reality," he said.

While frequent raids are being conducted across the country to catch people having black money, why such raids were not conducted earlier by the Finance Ministry, Azad asked.