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Kim Kardashian files complaint in France over Vitalii Sediuk's attempted ambush

Kim Kardashian is in no mood to let the matter of Vitalii Sediuk's attempted ambush slide even though she escaped it.

E! News reports that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has approached French authorities to file a complaint against the notorious celebrity prankster, who came this close to having an altercation with her in Paris earlier today before her security guard rushed him to the ground.

The video posted to Instagram by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic shows that Vitalii was trying to plant a kiss on Kim's bum after she stepped out of her car outside of L'Avenue restaurant on Wednesday, but she managed to walk right passed him.

Sediuk was tackled to the ground by Kim's burly bodyguard.

After the altercation, Vitallii took to Instagram and wrote, "I was protesting Kim for using fake butt implants. I encourage her and the rest of Kardashian clan to popularise natural beauty among teenage girls who follow and defend them blindly."

He added that he was just sitting outside of the restaurant enjoying ice cream "when all of a sudden, the pack of paparazzi came out and the car with Kim Kardashian. I swear I didn't know she was going to be there. So I had to come out with an idea very fast. Does it mean if I don't go to celebrities, they come to me? Lol"