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Katy Perry previews new album 'Witness' on YouTube Live

Katy Perry sang some of her new music for a select audience in a YouTube Live performance on Thursday, where she also took questions from the small group of fans who were invited to the venue.

The performance, which served as a countdown to the launch of her new album, Witness, released at midnight ET, saw Perry, backed by her band, singing tracks off the forthcoming record and delivering pearls of wisdom to the fans who asked questions about songwriting motivation, upcoming music videos and their own personal journeys.

Perry also spoke about the inspiration behind a number of her new songs. "Power," she said, was dedicated to "all my ladies who are taking their power back"

As for "Save as Draft," that track was inspired by Perry's penchant for writing emails late at night that she wishes she didn't send out. "My [email] drafts are wild. But sometimes you need to write it so you can get it out of your system, and sometimes you just don't need to send it," she shared.

She said she also hopes that the new album empowers her fans to have confidence in themselves.

"This record [is about discovering] if you can see me and see yourself in me, you can realize you can dream just as big as Katy Perry," she explained.

The 32-year-old singer also explained that she feels her new music could connect her to her roots and her fan base, and serve as digital jump-start for her live and career. "I feel like I was born on the internet. I'm gonna have a rebirth on the internet," she said.

Perry also showed off her guitar skills while performing her 2008 song "Thinking of You," off her album One of the Boys.

The performance kicked off the singer's stay in a Big Brother-style house for the weekend, where she'll be hanging with friends, talking meditation and previewing her new music, all streamed live on YouTube.

Perry's new album, Witness, is available for purchase on iTunes.