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Kareena Kapoor Khan opens up about starting a family, Hollywood, and more

While Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are making waves in Hollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan says she harbours no such ambition; rather she prefers being 'married working woman' and 'to start a family'.

In a recent interview with Vogue India for its July edition, the 35-year-old Bollywood diva said, "It's amazing what Priyanka has done", but it is impossible for her as her "priorities are very different."

"My responsibilities are a lot more different than hers (Priyanka Chopra). I have a husband, I would like to start a family. I can't give up everything and move to LA. That's not me," Kareena said.

The actress last seen in recent film Udta Punjab further said that she is too lazy for such 'kind of dedication of wanting to achieve so much' as she does not 'want to conquer the world'.

"But I don't mind having a little place of my own. It's as simple as that," she stated.

Kareena opened up about her views on her life as a star, joining social causes and her regrets in an interview by writer Naman Ramachandran for the July 2016 issue of Vogue India. It will hit the stands on July 2.

Bebo will also feature on the cover of the same issue in an 'unapologetically sexy' avatar.

Styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania, Kareena looks super sexy wearing an unbuttoned knotted shirt that beautifully covers her torso.

In the interview, Bebo also said that she feels, actors, including her, 'sometimes forget that they are human beings too.'

"You either become robots or you're so accustomed to everybody praising you or being in awe of you that you almost forget what you are," Kareena said.

So she with husband Saif Ali Khan likes being in London at least twice a year where "you can be a star and cut away from that world and come here and spend time with people who have no idea of Bollywood."

"We both enjoy that a lot. It's nice to pull out for a while," said the actress.