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Jared Fogle beaten up in prison: report

Pedophile sandwich pitchman Jared Fogle was reportedly beaten up in prison by a fellow inmate.

The former Subway hawker is serving a 16-year sentence at Colorado's Englewood FCI. TMZ reported that Fogle tackled and punched in the face by a 60-year-old armed robber Steven Nigg.

The assaulter is serving time on gun charges. Fogle was left with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck after the recreation yard beatdown on January 29.

Nigg's relatives said that he suffered a small cut on his hand in the assault.

The inmate started beating Fogle after reaching his boiling point over the number of child sex predators housed in the low-security facility.

Fogle, a father of two, confessed to having sex with teenaged prostitutes.