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JNU student Najeeb missing for 5 days, angry students confine VC to admin block

New Delhi: As JNU student Najeeb Ahmad remained missing for fifth straight day, angry students protesting against the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration's "lack of initiative and effort" towards finding him, confined Vice Chancellor M. Jagdeesh Kumar and other top university officials to their offices all from Wednesday afternoon till Thursday morning.

Najeeb went missing around 11 a.m. on October 15 after an altercation with students belonging to the ABVP at the Mahi-Mandavi Hostel, who reportedly beat him up mercilessly. Najeeb's mother who has stationed herself outside the admin block, told that her son called her on phone right after the incident. He was crying and asked us to come immediately saying I am in my hostel room, she added.

The distraught mother is inconsolable and keeps asking for her son to be brought back. Her other son Mujeeb during a telephonic interview with NDTV asked why the ABVP workers who beat up Najeeb have not been questioned yet. He expressed doubt that they have something to do with his brother's disappearance.

He also slammed JNU administration for not taking any interest in finding Najeeb.

On Wednesday afternoon around 2.30, students blocked the entry and exit points of the administration block at.

The VC tweeted, "We met JNUSU leaders and explained to them our sincere efforts in locating the missing student. No relenting. It is 2 a.m. We are still confined."

JNUSU president Mohit Pandey said that all negotiations with the administration had failed. "We are still at the block because we simply want the answers from the VC which he has not given us for six days."