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Islamabad summons Indian deputy High Commissioner over LoC firing

Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday summoned deputy Indian High Commissioner J.P. Singh and lodged a protest over ceasefire violation along Line of Control.

"The Director General South Asis & SAARC Dr. Mohammad Faisal, summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. J.P. Singh and condemned the unprovoked ceasefire violations by the Indian occupation forces on 1 June, 2017 at 0715 hours, on the LoC in Battal, Jandrot and Kotli sectors, resulting in the shahadat of 1 civilian, Mr. Ghizar Ahmed and injuries to 4 others including 3 women (Mr. Jamil Akmal, Mst. Sana, Mst. Asma, Mst. Fareha) in Battal sector and shahadat of 1 civilian, Mr. Fazal Hussain and injury to one other, Mr. Jamil Ahmed in Kotli sector," an official statement said.

The Director General urged the Indian side to respect the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding; investigate this and other incidents of ceasefire violations; instruct the Indian forces to respect the ceasefire, in letter and spirit and maintain peace on the LoC. "The deliberate targeting of civilians is indeed condemnable and contrary to human dignity and international human rights and humanitarian laws," he said.

Earlier Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakariya at a weekly news briefing said he would be dedicating part of Thursday?s briefing exclusively on Kalbhushan Jhadav.

He accused the Indian media of misleading people on the behest of official quarters. "The Fact Sheet I present today is to address certain misrepresentations/false statements/allegations made in the Indian media following the provisional measures order of the ICJ on 18 May 2017. Indian Media backed by the official quarters, misled people in the two countries by propagating that India has won Commander Jhadav's case. The discussions that ensued in the two countries showed a complete lack of understanding of the matter," the spokesman said.

He said irrespective of ICJ's stay, Commander Jadhav would remain alive, until he exhausts the right to request for clemency, initially with the COAS and later with President of Pakistan. "A full hearing will take place after the Court sets down a timetable on June 8 at The Hague. The Jadhav case at the ICJ concerns whether he is entitled to consular access. Pakistan's position in this regard has been made clear. We had sought information from India on 23rd January 2017, on the basis of Commander Jhadev's confession and statements. India has not responded despite reminders," Nafees Zakariya said.