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Climate change debate goes on

Scientists continue to debate the truth of Climate change across the globe with some asking whether it is actually taking place or not.

Skeptics still maintain that climate change is not a reality and it is only political lies.

The people, who are reluctant to accept the idea of climate change and global warming, mentioned about the National Climate Assessment (NCA) released recently by the US government stating about calamity concerns.

The skeptics are still unwilling to add any value to decelerating trend in global surface temperature in the 2000s. Scientists across the globe are working overtime to find out the e main reason behind this phenomenon.

Experts mentioned about a recent article published in reputed science journal the Nature. This report was based on global warming pause. Experts maintained that global warming pause was considered to be responsible for rise in Asian pollution, volcanic activity and more effective oceanic heat absorption.

The data released by NASA and NOAA can also help a person to get a better understanding about pause in warming. Both these agencies have talked about the decrease in global surface temperature since 2000. Overall rise in temperature is +0.01C during the 2000s.

According to experts, the e current +.01C increase in temperatures is not enough to verify anything about climate change projections. "Recent observed global warming is significantly less than that simulated by climate models", said the article published in Nature.