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Intel reveals luxury smart bracelet, MICA

American semiconductor chip maker Intel has revealed its latest wearable device in the form of a high-tech high-fashion smart bracelet.

Intel collaborated with fashion house Opening Ceremony to design a smart bracelet named MICA, which stands for "My Intelligent Communication Accessory."

The hi-tech smart bracelet has impressive looks along with 3G cellular connectivity, so it does not need to be attached with a smartphone.

The product has been designed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of fashion house Opening Ceremony. It is a cuff-style accessory covered with snakeskin and semiprecious stones such as lapis and obsidian.

The bracelet will be available in two styles in the market, one with black snakeskin and the other with white snakeskin, each with different stones.

It has been incorporated with a 1.6-inch sapphire-glass touchscreen that can display SMS messages through Intel's XMM6321 3G cellular radio.

The wearable device will be sold as an Opening Ceremony product, however its price and weight have not been disclosed yet. It will be sold through Opening ceremony and Barneys stores by December holiday season.

Intel has been underlining wearables sold through other companies as mobile technology has put personal computers in the shadows in the recent years.

The bracelet also follows Intel's acquisition of health-tracking wristband maker Basis Science in March.