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Intel-powered bra opens vents to keep the wearer cool

Intel-powered bra opens vents to keep the wearer cool - Unveiled at the New York Fashion Week, an Intel-powered bra, called Curie, can detect your body's temperature and perspiration levels and opens up the in-built vents when the wearer's body gets hot.

The bra packs a 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller, an integrated digital signal processing (DSP) sensor hub and pattern matching circuit, a six-axis motion sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth low energy and 384KB of Flash memory into a Lilliputian form factor.

The Aero sports bra, which has been developed by sports apparel manufacturer Chromat --fabricated using Lycra, neoprene and mesh ? uses 3D printed frames composed of smart materials that are able to 'remember' their original shape, which they return to after a workout. This real-time cooling supposedly enables the wearer to push to greater limits during their workout.

At the same time, Chromat demonstrated a club dress that integrates the Curie platform to detect a threatening situation, where it uses 3D-printed panels and a carbon fiber framework that 'expands' itself to create added personal space around the wearer like the way a Puffer fish makes itself larger when faced with a threat.