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Instagram Beta now available in Windows Store to all Windows 10 Mobile users

Washington: Finally the Instagram Beta is available in Windows Store to all Windows 10 Mobile users. Till now the Instagram Beta app did not always show up on searches conducted in the Windows Store and many users faced this problem even when the actual downlink was live.

The only way to install the app was to know the URL address and have the browser on your Windows Phone take you to the appropriate page in the Windows Store.

But it is now easy to discover the Instagram Beta page in the Windows Store and you can do this even if you don't have a clue about the URL.

This opens up the app to anyone using the platform, and is expected to lead to a huge increase in new Instagram users coming from the Windows Store.

Instagram is currently world's most popular photo-sharing site with over 400 million members. Few months ago, Instagram was known for the photographic filters that come with the app.

Many Windows Phone users are hooked to third-party Instagram app 6tag. Many even prefer it to the Instagram Beta.