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Innovation ruled CES 2015

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) showcased several gadgets promising prescriptions for healthier lives, including bracelets that measure body fat to robots that coach children through chemotherapy.

New, innovative gadgets put on display by companies such as California-based Neurosky and Melomind of Paris involved measuring brain activity in order to reduce stress.

The 2015 CES in Las Vegas was full of stylish wrist wear capable of measuring activity, sleep, and even mood.

"We have tons of interest," Brian Galman of InBody said of the bands, which will be priced at $180 when they hit the market in March.

California-based Neurosky put on display a headphone which is capable of capturing signals emitted by firing neurons and find out how hard a person is thinking or how much they appreciate something.

Neurosky said that it has used its technology t into wearable devices to measure conditions such as fatigue or stress.

The Internet of Things (IOT) dominated the show this time with Apple's HomeKit witnessing the unveiling of its s first big compatible products - Google's Nest and Samsung's SmartThings on the front lines.

It is likely that everything in your home is set to get a chip or a sensor in the near future and tech firms are currently busy finding out ways how to tie it all together.

Self-driving cars were another headline grabbers this season. Audi started the show by sending a driverless car from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas. German rival Mercedes-Benz displayed an autonomous prototype, a 15-foot-long, space-age-looking "living room on wheels."

The self-parking vehicles of BMW and Volkswagen brought the automated navigation technology to the show in a more practical way. These cars have vehicles which could find their own parking spots in a large garage.