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Indian woman working with NGO abducted In Kabul, family shocked

An Indian woman identified as Judith D'Souza has been abducted in Kabul, Afghanistan. D'Souza was working with the Agha Khan network, an international NGO.

D'Souza, 40, was abducted on Thursday night.

Meanwhile responding to a tweet from her sister, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said that the government is "doing everything to rescue her."

Judith D'Souza was to return home next Sunday for her annual holiday, shocked family members in Kolkata said.

Family had received a phone call from the Indian embassy early on Friday morning, informing them of the kidnapping. Shocked and anxious, the family is praying for her safe return home, while trying to talk to the central and state government for her release.

"We received a call at around 1:30 am by the Embassy officials. We were told that three persons have been abducted ? my daughter, the driver and the security guard. Thereafter, there has been no news, and no phone calls from the government. We are all very tense and anxious. We just want her to return safely home," Judith's father said.

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted some time later, saying she had spoken to Judith's sister. "We will spare no efforts to rescue her," the minister wrote.