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Indian researchers win Google Pitch Fest

Indian researchers win Google Pitch Fest - Researchers at the IISc in Bengaluru have won the Google startup festival at Zurich, Switzerland for developing a hand-held waste-water filtration technology that assures of zero wastage, said a scientist on Wednesday.

The filtration technique can filter highly contaminated water into very clean water, without water wastage.

The technology was developed by Sanjiv Sambandan of the Flexible Electronics Lab, Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics and his team at the Indian Institute of Science.

The system is membrane-less, chemical-free and scalable. It can be elevated from a hand-held water bottle to large community based system.

According to Sambandan, it can also be used as a pre-filter for membrane based purifiers thus improving the lifetime of the membranes. The technology makes use of an electric field to polarise tiny impurities and gather them into larger chunks that can then be removed by low cost meshes. The system uses just 100 MW of power for purifying one litre of very poor quality water.

He said, "This implies that the hand-held bottle purifier can be powered by a hand-crank, battery or solar cell. This can be useful for people living in remote areas, people stuck in disaster hit areas, and the army."

Now, the researchers are preparing field tests for a community based water purification system with the required mechanization in place.