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ISPs file legal action against GCHQ over illegal surveillance

London: Britain's intelligence centre, the GCHQ has been allegedly conducting intrusive surveillance into the private communications of millions of people's private communications.

The allegation has been made by seven internet service providers (ISPs) who have launched legal action against GCHQ?s illegal act.

It is alleged that GCHQ has been illegally accessing 'potentially millions of people's private communications'. The intelligence centre has been accused of carrying out 'targeted operations against internet service providers to conduct mass and intrusive surveillance.'

The seven service providers who have launched the complaint at a London court are ISPs Riseup and May First/People Link of the US, GreenNet of Britain, Greenhost of the Netherlands, Mango of Zimbabwe, Jinbonet of South Korea and the Chaos Computer Club of Germany, plus campaigners Privacy International.

The outrage comes after NSA worker Edward Snowden revealed GCHQ was a key player in covert US surveillance operations globally. The GCHQ?s 'illicit activities' as covered by the German magazine Der Speigel include allegedly targeting a Belgian telecommunications company, Belgacom.

Though the legal complaint says this was 'not an isolated attack' and alleges violations of Britain?s Human Rights Act and the European Convention of Human Rights, Britain?s Foreign Office was not immediately available for comment.