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'Hunterrr' review: Naughty sex comedy that may offend women

Sex comedies are not that prevalent in Bollywood so it was a welcome change this week as Hunterrr hit theaters. So here goes our Hunterrr review: Harshavardhan Kulkarni's Hunterrr is set in a world full of fantasies. In this world, single women are naive and are looking for marriage only.

On the other hand, married women are frustrated and like being treated as sex objects. Mandar Ponkshe, played by Gulshan Devaiah is an ordinary, middle-class but remarkable man with a very special gift. He can get any women he wants.

There is no shortage of women willing to have a sexual relationship with Ponkshe. However, when Mandar decides it's time to settle down, problems keep popping up. Will Mandar be able to give up his lifestyle of a sex-addict? Will the woman he wants to marry accept him if he tells her about his ways? This is what Hunterrr is all about.

Kulkarni makes an effort to distract the audience from the smug misogyny in Hunterrr with a few tropes. For example, the movie has few dramatic scenes which are later revealed to be dream sequence. Also, the story is dragged back and forth in time. However, the tricks become boring after some time.

The work of the actors in the movie is definitely worth appreciating. The movie has a well selected cast. Devaiah essays the role of Mandar really well. However, there is no development in his character as the movie progresses. His predatory behaviour has been displayed as heroic. However, the two lead actresses of the movie, Radhika Apte and Sai Tamhankar deserved better roles.

Tamhakar plays the role of a lusty married women who is really interested in Mandar. It's a flat role but Tamhankar does a convincing job. Apte plays the role of Tripti, the girl Mandar plans to marry. Tripti plans to give in to the tradition of arrange marriage after a few bad relationships. She comes across as a character the audience can.

The movie is nothing short of a nightmare for women. For men, it is a naughty sex comey.