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How to get an iPhone 6s the cheapest possible way?

How to get an iPhone 6s the cheapest possible way? When it came to offering the cheapest way to get your hands on an iPhone 6s, T-Mobile took the lead for a brief moment. That ended quickly when Sprint overpowered its rival's low-cost lease deal with one of its own.

Both companies are providing cheap prices and while Sprint has a cheaper deal, it's being offered to a narrow audience.

When the new iPhone was first announced T-Mobile initially provided a $20-a-month-for-18-months lease on Apple's latest phone. The customer could buy it completely at the end of the term by shelling out $164, bringing the total cost to $524, less than the full retail price of $649.

People who choose this plan also get the company's Jump! On Demand, which enables them to switch phones with no drawback though the price could change depending upon the device.

Now, for a limited time, it's providing consumers the same lease on an iPhone 6s with Jump! On Demand for as low as $5 a month, as long as they have a device that they own outright to exchange.

Sprint's new lease offer as part of its iPhone Forever program enables customers who have an iPhone 6 which they own outright to trade it in exchange for renting the new phone for $1 a month. The carrier will also offer a $10/month price on iPhone 6s 16GB with the trade-in of an iPhone 5s.

Sprint and T-Mobile are both offering pretty fascinating deals on their new phones. While Sprint can claim it has the cheapest iPhone offer, T-Mobile's lowest-price is available to more people and it offers more flexibility. In either case customers will save a lot of money. They will also have the ability to upgrade to at least the new iPhone or any phone they want multiple times a year.