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Gupta left House as he didn't has guts to listen what govt. was saying: Sisodia

New Delhi [India]: With leader of opposition in the Delhi assembly Vijender Gupta accusing Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sharad Chauhan of threatening his life and lodged an FIR with the Delhi Police, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday said Gupta made an excuse to leave the House, because neither he nor any of his party members had guts to listen to what the government was saying during the discussion.

"I told Vijender Gupta ji time and again that the government was ready to answer the issues he wanted to discuss and dared him to listen the answers. I dared him if he had courage then he should sit in the House and to listen to the answers, but Vijendra Gupta ji made an excuse to leave the House, because neither he nor any of his party members had guts to listen that discussion, forget about their participation," Sisodia told reporters.

When asked that Gupta alleged that Sharad Chauhan had threatened him that he (Chauhan) would cut him (Gupta) into pieces, Sisodia said, "There was a discussion going on between the ruling party and the opposition, I don't know who used what words against whom; but, if Gupta had any objection to any word, he should have lodged a complaint with the House or the Speaker. If he makes complaint outside the House about something that had happened in the House, then it is a disrespect of the House, for which a case should be lodged against him."

Toeing a similar line, Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said, "When there was a discussion on Sandeep Kumar, Sharad Chauhan was sitting at a distance from my chair and he spoke something, which I would see (find out what he had spoken); but, I want to say if a member speaks something to another member, then the House has the right to take an action against the (erring) member.

"He should have lodged a written complaint, or he should have stood up and have given a notice of contempt, that would have been seen under the rules of the House and action would have been taken as per rule. But, the way he went out and lodged an FIR on '100', which is clearly 'dis-regard' of the rules of the House and also contempt of the House."

Terming Gupta's making a call on 100 and lodging an FIR "unfortunate", the Speaker said, "When Gupta was leaving the House, he said he would lodge an FIR, call police and would get you arrested. Taking an issue of the House to police is unfortunate, especially when we were today discussing that the statutory rights of the House should not be finished and it is the statutory right of the House that if a member speaks something (objectionable) about another member, action is taken against him (the erring member)."

When asked if he would take any action against Gupta, Goel said, "We will discuss and decide; but, the Deputy Chief Minister has said if he (Gupta) has made a call on '100' and lodged an FIR, it is contempt of the House and action would be taken into it." (ANI)