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Google shuts News service in Spain

The authorities closed Google News in Spain in order to save Spanish publishers from the fears of being sent monetizable traffic by the news website.

In connection with the new legislation, Google stated that it will soon have to close Google News in the country, with the new law mandating every Spanish publication to charge such services as Google News for presenting the smallest clip from their publication, irrespective of they desire it or not.

Since Google News itself does not make any money, this new method will not be workable. Hence, Google News will be closed in Spain on December 16.

The Spanish law states that the right is "inalienable", which implies that news publishers will be unable to leave compensation provided for by the law.

The revised section of the law states that "This right is inalienable and will be made effective via intellectual property rights management organizations", further adding that "any image, photographic work or mere photograph" will also be subject to the actions.

The website owner or the newspaper cannot tell Google that they desire to be included with no payment. The reason being that it will be the rights organization that accumulates as well as distributes the profits, not the specific publisher. Hence, Google decided to discontinue its News service in Spain.

The only individuals who could be benefitted would be the officials in the rights organisation with all of them employed in nice jobs, distributing the revenue. Apart from, that there will not be any revenue hence, no nice jobs.

Consumers also lose out since they cannot avail the service any more. Going forward, publishers also lose out. They give up any traffic that Google News was sending their way. Thus, the outcome of this new legislation is to make every person worse off.