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Google may launch new Google Fiber phone service

Mountain View, CA: Tech giant Google is planning to add a new phone service for its Google Fiber users.

Google Fiber subscribers can use one phone number for every device they own, from smartphones to landlines. And the company will also provide them some other Google Voice features, too: voicemails delivered as emails to their inboxes, spam filtering, call screening, and do-not-disturb modes, to name a few extras.

At present, Google Fiber Phone is only available to those who have been invited to partake in the program, and Google has only invited people who have previously signed up for the company's Fiber Trusted Tester program. The lucky users will receive a letter from Google asking you if you're interested in taking part. The company will give you one week to reply and, if you agree (and are selected to participate), Google will send a technician out your way to set the service up.

"Please be aware that testing Google Fiber Phone will require a service visit in which a Fiber team member will come to your home to install a piece of equipment. If you're selected for this Trusted Tester group, we'll be actively seeking your feedback - both good and bad - so that we can improve Fiber Phone once we launch it to all of our customers," Google's email read.

"Please remember that the Trusted Tester program gives you early access to features which are not yet available to the public, so please help us keep this confidential," it added.