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Gold hunt at Unnao fort still on after 27 days

India's foolishly ambitious hunt for 1,000 tonnes of gold failed to yield any result and the dream still remains a dream but the excavation at Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh fort in Daundiya Khera village in UP is still on for the 27th day.

Sources said that the ASI team has done the complete excavation of one block at the fort without any success and it is learnt that the excavation at the second bloc is also 75% complete but the massive gold treasure still remains an elusive thing despite the claims by revered seer Shobhan Sarkar, who had seen in his dream that 1,000 tonnes of gold was buried inside the 19th century fort leading the ASI to start excavation at the fort.

The excavation started on October 18 and it is expected that it would be called off if the ASI team will fail to find gold after the completion of the excavation of the second block.

The digging at the fort had prompted many people to resort to illegal digging at forts and temples across the state in search for hidden treasures. Shobhan Sarkar had claimed that huge amount of gold was lying buried in Fatehpur's Adampur area too.

The claim prompted gold hunters to dig up the platform of a Shiva temple near the main ghat in Fatehpur. It is learnt that as much as 20 places have been dug up in the area by gold hunters with some people claiming that the diggers had even manage to find some gold.

On his part, Sarkar's closest disciple, Om Ji, had claimed "no less than 2,500 tonnes of gold is hidden in the ruins in Adampur village". He said Adampur was also associated with 1857 revolt like Daundiya Khera, adding that the government should start digging there too because the treasure buried there can be retrieved more easily.