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Global warming makes Facebook, Google campuses vulnerable to flooding

Tech giants Google, Facebook and Cisco are facing a real threat of having their offices swept away by water due to sea level rise. The Silicon Valley firms are at a risk of being cut off or even flooded as they sit next to the shorelines, according to forecasts made by scientists.

The scientists warned that these firms face the prospect of their Silicon Valley headquarters becoming swamped by water as rising sea levels threaten to submerge much of the property in San Francisco Bay Area, according to a report in The Guardian.

According to the report, Facebook's new campus seems most at risk. The campus at the San Francisco Bay shoreline is a 430,000 square feet complex - with a nine-acre garden rooftop ? and is an extension of its Menlo Park base.

Google and Cisco headquarters in San Jose might get some respite. But should the Antarctic ice sheet disintegrate, the sea water will be pushed up beyond six-feet and swamp both.

Kristina Hill, an environmental planning and urban design expert at the University of California-Berkeley, said even with a small increase, the sea comes into the 101 highway by the Googleplex and the whole areas could be screwed up.