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Global conspiracy being hatched to unseat PM Modi in 2019, claims Karnataka BJP MLA

A conspiracy was being hatched by various political parties in the country and at the global level to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from coming back to power in 2019, a senior BJP leader from Karnataka has claimed.

The Modi fever had made political parties with divergent views come together in the country, BJP state general secretary and MLA C T Ravi said here. He alleged nations like Pakistan and China who feared Modi and political parties in India want him to lose the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

"The thinking of Opposition parties in the country is the same as that of Pakistan," he alleged at a meet-the-press programme here on Monday.

"There is a conspiracy to prevent Narendra Modi from coming back to power in 2019," he said, adding, it was because some countries fear that India would become much stronger if Modi was back at the helm. We are confident that people will support Modi in his attempt to strengthen the nation in 2019, the BJP leader said.

Describing the Congress-JD(S) government in the state as the beginning of the unholy alliance, Ravi said Congress had become stale and the regional party always had been power-hungry.

He said though the BJP could win 104 seats in the assembly polls, it could not get to the magic majority number due to the B factor, he said, citing the partys poor performance in Bengaluru, Bijapur, Ballari, Belagavi and Bidar.