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Five Delhi students arrested in Agra for intimidating US women

DDN Correspondent

Agra Police today arrested five students from Delhi for following a tourist bus and making lewd gestures at the passengers travelling in the bus. The police said that the boys were teasing and intimidating the 13 American girls and teachers who were present inside the bus.

District Magistrate Zuher Bin Sagir said that the incident took place on the Yamuna Expressway on Sunday evening and the police were taking the whole matter very seriously. The tour operator accused the students of making lewd gestures and eve-teasing.

Tour operator Anil said that he tried hard to tell the students not to intimidate the American girls and stop making lewd gestures at them but the students simply did not listen. Arun added that when the students continued with their actions he decided to alert the Etmauddaula police station and lodge complain about the students.

According to Arun, the students were travelling in a car and they started following the tourist bus from the Jevar toll plaza. He alleged that some students climbed into the bus, while some created trouble for the bus driver by parking the car in front of the vehicle. "The girls were frightened," tour operator Anil told the police. Police said the students are from Rohini and Patel Nagar in Delhi.

Police said that they would not allow the students to go scot-free because these incidents tarnish the image of the country and show India in a bad light. The police however, did not say that what steps they would take against these students but it is likely that they would be booked under serious charges.