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Fascinating robots debut at CES 2015

CES 2015 served as the perfect platform for many companies to showcase some fascinating and useful robots. Many companies are supporting the advancement of a project involving robots at home at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The robots are not like the science-fiction humanoids that live like us. But they are useful, domestic, like an evolution of how we see vacuums, or robo-vacuums.

South Korea's Furo-I Home has a sleek sensor cone on wheels and a tablet for a head with an animated robots face that speaks. You can tell it to take control of internet-controlled smart devices, tell it to turn music, lights and heating on and off, and even help teach your children.

Se-Kyong Song, chief executive of its maker Futurebot, said the robot has many sensors, facial recognition and can detect the temperature.

He further added that users can easily set it to wake up an elderly parent, eat breakfast, remind them to take their medicine and follow the rest of a schedule.

These machines will cost about 1,000 dollars each and Futurebot hopes to sell about 10,000 before the year ends.

Branto, Ukrainian start-up, will offer cheaper alternatives for 399 dollars. It can do some unique things such as notifying you where your house has been entered. However, the disadvantage is that its battery only lasts 3 hours.

There is one more robot worth mentioning and it is called Droplet. This robot can focus on specific tasks such as managing an internet-connected sprinkler set to spray different amounts of water to different plants.

Steve Fernholz, the firm's founder, said we can accurately target two plants less than 6in away from each other and give them very different amounts of water.

Other robots that appeared at the show were Otus, a machine that keeps a tablet facing a user while they video chat, so they can do other things such as clean the house. The Atomobot: An air purification machine that cleans homes.