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False alarm at Los Angeles airport, 'loud noises' not gunfire

Los Angeles: In the latest false alarm at a busy U.S. airport, terminals at Los Angeles International Airport were evacuated briefly late on Sunday after reports of gunfire in one of the terminals but then police found that those were only "loud noises".

No one was reported injured in the incident but an investigation was being conducted, Andy Neiman, commanding officer of media relations for the Los Angeles Police Department, said in a Twitter message.

At least two terminals were "self-evacuated" and security personnel were checking them for anything suspicious, said Officer Alicia Hernandez of the LAX police. She said terminals would reopen to passengers once they were deemed safe.

Video feeds from the airport showed dozens of people gathered on a tarmac and outside terminals at one of the country's busiest airports.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said on its website that air traffic to LAX was being delayed at the point of departure. It asked passengers coming from other cities check with the departure airports.

US airport security officials have been on heightened alert for some time after deadly attacks at international airports in Belgium and Turkey.