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Facebook beats Twitter, Google+ as most visited social network

Seven out of 10 internet users described themselves as social network users at the end of 2014, according to a recently published report. Facebook was the site these users visited most frequently during a day, visiting it again and again to read and like their friends' latest posts.

While 73 percent said they visited Facebook at least once a month, only 42 percent of them said they were actually dynamic users. 36 percent said they had visited Twitter, 29 percent Google+ and 25 percent LinkedIn over the past 30 days. But only 22 percent of respondents had tweeted on Twitter, 21 percent had posted on Google+ and 13 percent on LinkedIn.

About 75 percent of active Facebook users said that they visit the site at least once daily. The bulk of active users of YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Instagram also visit the sites at least once every day. While most active Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest users visit the platform once a week at the most.

53 percent respondents said they had read at least one article in their newsfeed in the past 30 days, compared to 45 percent of Google+ users and 42 percent of Twitter users.

Facebook is also the social networking site where internet users are most likely to express their support for content. Out of people who were surveyed, 70 percent informed using the Like button on Facebook at least once a month whereas just 33 percent retweeted a message on Twitter or used the +1 feature on Google+.

Despite mobile apps becoming very popular, PCs are still the chief device used to visit the sites. 60 percent of people who were surveyed said they still log in at least once a month from a PC whereas only 40 percent logged in from a smartphone and 20 percent logged in using a tablet.