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FBI to unlock another iPhone

Washington: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will help in unlocking an iPhone and an iPod connected to a murder case in Arkansas, a few days after the Bureau announced it had accessed the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters without Apple's help.

The FBI agreed to a request from prosecuting attorney Cody Hiland in the case against 18-year-old Hunter Drexler on Wednesday afternoon, a short time after the presiding judge agreed to delay the trial until June to accommodate the process.

Drexler and 15-year old Justin Staton are accused of killing Patricia Cogdell and Robert at their home in Conway, 48km north of Little Rock, in July.

Drexler and Staton have both pleaded not guilty to capital murder, aggravated robbery and other charges in the deaths of the Cogdells.

Prosecutors have had possession of the iPhone they say belongs to Drexler since he and two other teenagers were arrested in Texas and brought back to Arkansas days after the July shootings.

Last week, Staton's defence lawyer was ordered to hand over the teen's iPod, which was in the defence's evidence locker.

Recorded phone conversations between Staton and others since his arrest pointed he had used the iPod to communicate about the homicide plans and that there might be other evidence on the device, according to the prosecutors.