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Excited 106-year-old says she can 'die happy' now that she has met Obama

Washington: Virginia McLaurin dreamed of meeting President Barack Obama for years and eventually got her chance last week. The 106-year old delightedly danced her way toward the Obamas after she arrived at the White House for a Black History Month reception.

For McLaurin, who was born in South Carolina in 1909, the White House invitation was a long time in the making. It?s been more than a year since she started a White House petition asking to meet the President.

McLaurin's petition could not get enough signatures to meet the White House threshold for an official response, but it did not discouraged her from securing an invitation to Thursday's reception, where Obama reflected on the legacy of US slavery and called America "a constant work in progress."

Dressed in a blue suit with matching nail polish and black boots, McLaurin nabbed a few moments of one-on-one time with the President and his wife Michelle during a photo line for the reception's guest.