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East Antarctica melt may raise sea levels dangerously

Antarctica which was considered to be the ice cap of the world and believed to be particularly resilient to global warming and climate change, is also exhibiting signs of duress.

The eastern part of the Antarctican ice shelf is not as tough as previously thought and would thaw sending the sea levels up by dangerous margins of three- four metres for thousands of years.

The Wilkes Basin stretches to more than a 1,000 km inland and is held together by a small plug of ice.

A new study by Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research found that the Wilkes are held in place by a small rim of ice that is over a bedrock below sea level by the coast of Antarctica.

Lead author of the study Matthias Mengel stated that the Wilkes Basin is particularly vulnerable and it could raise the sea levels drastically.

Anders Levermann, the co-author of the study said that once the ice flow started it would be irreversible and that was the main and terrifying conclusion of the study.

But the positive factor was that there is still time to rectify global warming and help keep the ice plug in place.

Over 200 countries hope to participate in an international deal by 2015 that will work on curbing emissions of greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint left by man.