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Drones, flashy TVs grab spotlight at CES

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was dominated by drones, wearable computing and enormous and immersive TVs. The annual event concluded in Las Vegas on Friday.

This year's show will also be remembered for the unveiling of auto industry's newest connected cars that are more or less autonomous and have the potential to emerge as quirky alternative transportation solutions.

Some smaller items priced from the $5 "selfie stick" to the $6,000 Tonino Lamborghini smartphone also grabbed attention at the event.

The drone category, which was vastly expanded this year with more than a dozen exhibitors was also in the spotlight.

"Drones were very big, they were everywhere. It was almost like being in an airport," said Roger Kay of the consultancy Endpoint Technologies Associates.

Kay added that he was totally impressed with the array of televisions which promise a more realistic picture with "4K" resolution. He added that these televisions have now become affordable too.

"Samsung's 103-inch bendable display was astounding to look at," Kay said. "Curved displays were a huge thing."

Wearable technology in different shapes and sixes were also on display at the CES.

The annual show is organised by Consumer Electronics Association and it has projected that wearable unit sales in the US will reach 30.9 million units, up 61 percent, and generate $5.1 billion in revenue in 2015 - a 133 percent increase.

"We can't get enough of these watches and fitness trackers," said Ramon Llamas, analyst at the research firm IDC, at a forum on the sidelines of CES.