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Why you can't write off Google Glass yet

While the tech world has been abuzz with the reports of demise of Google Glass, the device is not exactly dead! Ned Sahin, a cognitive neuroscientist, recently launched an ambitious startup named Brain Power focused on building Glass software for autistic children to help them learn some skills they require to interact with those around them.

With the "heads-up display" the Glass can give instruction while kids are interacting with people and the accelerometer can track their response. According to Sahin, this makes the Glass an ideal means of dealing with autism.

The Glass has received much criticism from the press and the tech world.

However, for Sahin and many others who run companies developing Glass software for medical purposes, industrial purposes or other sectors, Google Glass is not dead yet.

The search Engine giant is selling the companies as many devices as they require and seems to be increasing the number of Employees working to make Glass something more than an odd consumer gadget.

Sahin will be visiting Google this week for discussing the future of the device. This is something he does regularly. Brain Power and Sahin will also start a clinical trial with the device at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Sahin and others like him are amazed at the recent news related to the Google device because their relationship with company has not changed. Infact, Google has been all along that its Glass at Work program will continue rapidly.

Google Glass might be dead as a consumer device but this is only temporary. The Glass Explorer program was shut down by the company in late January. The program offered Google Glass to consumers and individual developers who were keen on exploring the device.

However, according to a report, the device is being moved out of Google X lab and will go to a separate corporate group under Tony Fadell, the father of Nest smart thermostat. Google intends to develop a new version of Google Glass.

The new version will be for business, medical use and consumers. When Google Glass reached the public domain, it was not a finished product and it continues to evolve.