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Did Donald Trump suggest Berlin attack affirms his plan to bar Muslims?

Washington: America's President-elect Donald J. Trump appeared to suggest on Wednesday that the horrifying truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin validated his proposal during the presidential campaign to bar Muslims from entering the United States.

"You know my plans," Trump said to reporters when asked whether the attack on Monday, in which a Tunisian is being sought, would cause him to re-evaluate his proposals to create a Muslim registry or to stop Muslim immigration to the United States. "All along, I've been proven to be right. One hundred percent correct."

Within hours, one of his advisers said Trump was only restating his most recent position.

"President-elect Trump has been clear that we will suspend admission of those from countries with high terrorism rates and apply a strict vetting procedure for those seeking entry in order to protect American lives," said Jason Miller, the communications director for the transition. "This might upset those with their heads stuck in the politically correct sand, but nothing is more important than keeping our people safe."

It was the latest confusing turn in Trump's positions on some big issues since the election. In Twitter posts and comments over the last week, Trump has pledged to create "safe zones" in Syria, paid for by Persian Gulf nations; accused China of an "unprecedented act" in seizing a Navy underwater drone in the South China Sea; and then, after the Pentagon and China negotiated the drone's return, suggested that the United States should "let them keep it!"