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Doctor support is the best strategy to lose weight

Doctor support is the best strategy to lose weight - A new study has suggested that doctor support is the best strategy to lose weight.

For the study, the researchers reviewed medical survey data from more than 300 obese patients who had participated in a federally-funded weight loss clinical trial and noted that while overall weight loss rates were modest, those who had said their primary care doctor's support was especially helpful to them actually lost about twice as many pounds against those who did not take help from doctors.

"This trial supports other evidence that providers are very important in their patients' weight-loss efforts," explains Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine assistant professor of medicine Dr. Wendy Bennett.

She added that many weight loss programs are being run only to make money and people often join these programs without informing their doctor. She stressed that obese people must tell their doctor or, at least, seek their advice. Bennett continues, "Incorporating physicians into future programs might lead patients to more successful weight loss."

According to the researchers, roughly all of the 347 patient in the survey reviewed for the Johns Hopkins study had reported high-quality relationships with their physician even though this relationship played no role in influencing eight loss.

The findings of the study were published in detail in the August 21 issue of the scientific journal Patient Education and Counseling.