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Doctor removes live maggots from boy's ear, horrific footage goes viral

A terrifying footage of a doctor removing dozens of slimy, squirmy maggots from a boy's ears has gone viral.

The young boy, who, it turns out is from Kazakhstan, had gone to the doctor complaining of a sever earache. However, what the doctor diagnosed was far from his wildest imaginations.

Eyewitnesses, who were present during the procedure could not believe their eyes when the doctor began removing live maggots from the boy's ears.

The video shows him pulling the grey maggots, a single at a time with his tweezers and depositing them in a surgical dish.

By the time the doctor had finished there were dozens of maggots wriggling in the stainless steel container.

An eyewitness who was present during the whole procedure filmed the entire thing and put it on social media, which went viral overnight.

The maggots, each about one centimetre long, are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or blow fly (Calliphoridae).