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Devendra Sehrawat slams 'boys club' AAP for misusing political power

Chandigarh [India], Sept. 13: Suspended Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Devendra Sehrawat on Tuesday lashed out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and alleged that the ruling party in Delhi is a boys club with the notion that there is no problem in harassing women.

"This is a boys club in which internally they have accepted that it is ok to harass women. 'We will see about it and let it continue' is their policy. This policy is working because the topmost man is looking the other way when such things are happening," Sehrawat told ANI.

"So, everyone is continuing their work. The same message is conveyed at the district level. The candidates indulge in the same and hence it becomes a culture in the entire party," he added.

The Bijwasan MLA alleged that the AAP was misusing its political powers and expressed serious concern over the repeated incidents taking place in the party fold while dubbing it to be a systematic failure.

"I still say that if they didn't like someone and if they didn't want Col. Sehrawat then they should have expelled me, but they have only suspended me. Public itself will draw a conclusion from this that how much patience, how much seriousness the party has in handling an internal debate and how the party handled a very serious accusation that was made on their leaders," he said.

He said that he would file a written complaint to the Punjab Women Commission tomorrow demanding a through probe into the matter and added that the guilty should not be spared.

Sehrawat was suspended from the AAP's primary membership by the disciplinary committee yesterday. (ANI)