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'Destiny' spring update arrives April 12

Los Angeles: Bungie has not been refraining from teasing Destiny updates in between The Taken King and its sequel, but no one known how it will look like and when it will arrive.

The studio has preferred not to talk about it at this point of time, but it has dropped some clues. As part of a multi-post preview, Bungie on Saturday announced that Destiny's first big post-TTK update (aka version 2.2) will launch on April 12.

A new quest now revolves around the mysterious Blighted Chalice strike, as well as additional player-versus-environment challenges.

The gamers can also anticipate some new and updated gear, Crucible updates and an increased maximum Light level with rewards to match.

Earlier, it was reported that the April update is free so long as you have TTK.

It means that the users will not need to pay anything for a costly season pass like you did last year. But there's no mention of new maps, enemies or other content additions of significance.