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Dengue, chikungunya hound Delhi again; govt issues prevention tips

About 150 cases of chikungunya have been reported in Delhi so far this year, with 9 of them being recorded this month alone. Delhi government is trying to create awareness among the people hoping that this will help in countering the diseases at the grass root level.

In advertising hoardings, radio advertisements, newspapers and even if you are surfing YouTube, don't be surprised if you come across an ad asking you to beware of these deadly diseases.

There was an alarming rise in the number of dengue cases from 2014 to 2015. The worst hit city was Delhi as it saw more than sixteen thousand cases of dengue fever being registered which was coupled with 60 odd deaths.

In 2016, five hundred dengue cases and 12221 chikungunya cases with twenty deaths were registered. This does not include the cases that went unnoticed and were not reported.

Union health ministry has adopted a 3 tier strategy to beat mosquito-borne diseases this time around.

1. The first measure involves the adoption of preventive measures. This caters to the awareness among the masses. The civic and local bodies have been assigned the task to identify the breeding spots and control them. All the MCDs have been asked to submit reports on weekly basis on the actions they have taken.

2. The second step involves the fumigation and destruction of the mosquito-genic conditions.

3. The third steps involves tackling those already affected with the diseases. All the Delhi government hospitals have been equipped with 750 beds specifically for dengue and chikungunya patients. The private hospitals, clinics and dispensaries have been asked to increase 10 per cent beds.

Now it remains to be seen how effectively these strategies are implements and what results they yield.