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Demonetisation: Election Commission tells govt not to use indelible ink in banks

Putting the government in a fix, The Election Commission (EC) has reportedly written to the finance ministry not to use indelible ink in banks for marking people after exchanging the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

In the letter, the EC has raised concerns that many states will be going to the polls in the near future and this is one of the major points to mark citizens who have already voted.

The EC is concerned that the use of the ink by banks will create confusion during the elections and will maker it easy for unscrupulous elements to cash in on this to indulge in malpractices during the elections.

The government had on Wednesday said that the banks will use the indelible ink mark to identify customers who exchange old notes in order to reduce the crowd in the banks and also prevent black money holders from using proxies to exchange their ill-gotten wealth through multiple transactions.

People are allowed to exchange old notes worth Rs 2,000 from bank branches only once. The remaining amount, if they have any, will have to deposited in their bank accounts. The limit until 17 November was Rs 4,500.