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Delhi Police apologises, releases Jamia Nagar Imam after much furore

Delhi Police finally released Imam Yaseen Akhtar Misbahi of Jamia Nagar after huge protests outside the police station and apologised for the incident.

It may be noted here that the Imam is 85 years old and was arrested for a book he had written in 2003 in which there was a reference to the word 'Jihad' that too was mentioned with the caution that Jihad should be taken up only after consulting one's conscience.

The whole situation had gotten really tense and volatile after the old Imam was picked up by the police for questioning.

Large scale protests against the Imam's arrest were led by Okhla's Aam Aadmi Party leader Amanatullah Khan which played a big part in his subsequent release.

Also it is with the efforts of AAP's Amanatullah Khan that the situation could be diffused without any untoward incident. Khan spoke to locals and persuaded them to maintain calm.

The elderly Imam remained in police custody for about four hours, after which he says that the police asked him whether he has helped any terrorists.

He added that all this has been done at the behest of BJP and there are some local Congress leaders involved as well.

If this is true then it is really sad that politics has stooped to such low levels.