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Cosmos explores 'Dark Energy' in series finale

Sunday's finale of the earth-defining science series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey will feature host Neil deGrasse Tyson taking viewers on one final journey in the Ship of the Imagination, an exploration of dark energy, one of the universe's biggest and most enduring mysteries.

Fritz Zwicky will be the bright star at the end of the episode, though the late Swiss astronomer isn't exactly a household name. Zwicky, who died in 1974 at age 75, specialized in dark matter, supernovas, neutron stars and something called 'tired light'.

Zwicky, one of science's unsung heroes, found a way to predict supernovas, opening the door for further understanding of a force so powerful it overpowers gravity.

The final hour of the show reveals the final message embedded in the space probe Voyager?s Interstellar Golden Record, a recording of life on Earth. The episode ends with Carl Sagan?s life-summing meditation on this 'pale blue dot' we all live on.

Cosmos is a full-blown science program in prime time on a mainstream broadcast network, on the most crowded, competitive night of the TV week.

Tyson said Cosmos will have succeeded if he reached just one viewer deeply enough to get him interested in science.