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Cops cautious as Bengaluru techie MG Gokul concocts wild stories

Cops cautious as Bengaluru techie MG Gokul concocts wild stories - Bengaluru-based techie MG Gokul, who allegedly schemed his wife's death and sent bomb threat messages to the Kempe Gowda International Airport (KIAL) is a split personality, reveal numerous sessions of grilling by the police over the last three days.

The police, who interrogated him in separate sessions over the last three days, are not only shocked to learn about his crazy plans, but have also found that he has concocted some "wild stories."

A senior police officer who interrogated Gokul for several hours said, "His statements appear to be contradictory. He comes up with some wild stories unconnected with whatever has happened with him so far. It is as if he is trying to justify himself even as he is contradicting his statements. However, he is sticking to his original story of eliminating his wife to get close to his true love (his engineering course classmate)."

Now, the police want to hire a counselor to talk to Gokul so that he becomes consistent in his statements. On Tuesday, the police presented Gokul before a local court, which has sent him to judicial custody till September 30.

Several other angles of the case also need to be looked into by the police before they arrive at any kind of conclusion.

It is believed that the total loss incurred by the KIAL and the domestic airlines and the international airlines because of the bomb threat messages is more than Rs 6 crore.

According to the police, Gokul can be given a life term depending on the chargesheet they file.