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Children face health risk after medical cannabis dealer jailed

Sydney: The detention of a medical cannabis dealer in Victoria, Australia has put at risk children from 150 families who were using medical cannabis to save their children's lives.

The dealer was on Thursday jailed for 12 months. The dealer named Tony Bower used to supply cannabis oil to dozens of sick children. He was arrested on charges of drug misuse and trafficking. The man was sent behind bars by a New South Wales court today.

Cheri O'Connell, whose daughter Tara is suffering from a severe form of epilepsy and needs medical cannabis to survive, said the decision has left her and many other parents distressed. "This substance is the difference between our kids living or dying," she said.

O'Connell expressed fear that the decision would now force her to break the law and make cannabis at home. "We only have enough supply for a few months and we have no knowledge of what to do after that. It's either move overseas or make it ourselves," she said.

Bower use to provide medicinal cannabis free of charge to the Mia Mia family and 150 other families across the country. O'Connell and her family were present in the court to support Bower.

She added that the NSW court's decision was another case of someone not understanding what they were dealing with.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews met Tara last week and the leader later said that his party has decided to push for the legalisation of cannabis oil for medicinal use.

Victoria's Health Minister David Davis, however, added that the government will need more evidence before making a decision on medical marijuana.