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Can't use Rajinikanth's name in film: High Court

The Madras High Court has barred a production firm from using Bollywood star Rajinikanth's name, his style of dialogue delivery, caricature as well as image in its upcoming movie titled 'Main Hoon Rajinikanth.'

In connection with a case lodged by the actor, Justice S. Subbiah while passing the order observed that in case any individual uses a celebrity's name without taking his/her consent, the celebrity in question is eligible for injunction provided he/she could be recognized by the use of his/her name by others.

Further, he also stated that as the name of Bollywood celebrity Rajinikanth features in the movie's title, the viewers would identify the name simply with the actor.

Earlier, the Madras High Court had refrained a Mumbai firm Varsha Productions from using the actor's name, caricature, style of dialogue delivery and image.

Rajinikanth stated that the film's producer had not sought his permission for using his name, image, his style of dialogue delivery and caricature. This led to violation of his privacy and copyright.

He further stated that the producer exploited his superhero image in several films for his forthcoming movie. The actor asserted that the movie had scenes of immoral nature.