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Google's driverless cars get green light in California

The Google driverless car project has managed to catch the attention of millions of people across the globe and people are now expecting that the new driverless car technology hit the road as soon as possible.

A recent report claimed that the self-driving cars will be opened to manufacturer testing latest by this Fall in September. The DMV division of California adopted driverless car testing rules earlier this week.

Google is regularly testing its autonomous cars and it is to be noted that the company is yet to wrack up a single ticket on the unmanned vehicles. Though some accidents happened but they took place at the hands of human drivers.

Other manufacturers who have had an interest in the technology, however, have been kept out of the project. Now, California has set its driverless car requirements into effect. As of September 16, 2014, manufacturers that test Google's driverless cars must apply for an autonomous driving permit from the state of California after undergoing an autonomous driving course.

Google driverless cars will test the reflexes of drivers and knowledge in the event if some wrong happens. After applying for a permit, a manufacturer will have to ensure that the individual that will sit behind the wheel must have basic knowledge of the technology and its functioning.

The drivers will earn points on their permit if they violate on-the-road traffic laws and drivers will remain in good standing if they do not earn over one point on their autonomous driver permit for traffic violations.