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CNN dumps Reza Aslan after his vulgar attack on President Trump

For the second time in just over a week, a CNN personality has been dumped by the network after a vulgar attack on President Trump.

At the end of May, Kathy Griffin's contract was terminated after the comedian allowed herself to be photographed holding a prop of Trump's bloody, severed head.

And now Reza Aslan, who hosted a provocative series about religion for CNN, will follow Griffin off the network after calling Trump a "piece of s--" on Twitter last weekend.

Aslan's show "Believer" will not return for a second season on CNN, the network announced Friday, following outrage over the host's vulgarity and discoveries that it had not been the first of its kind.

Aslan appeared very upset by Trump's response to Saturday's terrorist attack in London, when the president retweeted a speculative Drudge report about the incident shortly after it happened and used the massacre to promote his entry ban.

"The president is a man baby that must be ignored in times of crisis," Aslan tweeted. And:

"This piece of s- is not just an embarrassment to American and a stain on the presidency. He's an embarrassment to humankind."

Aslan apologized the next day for expressing his "shock and frustration at the president's lack of decorum and sympathy" with a curse word.

By the end of Friday, the network had dispensed with its Aslan problem ? though its statement did not give a reason for the cancellation of "Believer."

"CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series Believer with Reza Aslan (season two)," reads CNN's full statement. "We wish Reza and his production team all the best."